USA offers complete and comprehensive curricula designed to prepare our students for the social and professional realities of today’s world and for future worldwide trends. A multi-cultural education, involving learning a second language, is an integral part of our philosophy because we understand that through foreign languages, we may come to better understand other cultures. Thanks to our exchange programmes and our wide range of international activities and events, our students have the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in several foreign languages. Many of our schools offer the International Baccalaureate, a qualification that allows students to apply to the best universities worldwide without the need to sit additional entry exams in each country. We also A-levels in line with the USA’s curriculum and the national per-university level examinations for each of the countries in which we operate.

Our educational methodology is based on helping each student to “learn how to learn” and to recognize and develop their own individual talents and abilities. Our teachers guide and support students along their educational journey, helping them to acquire the ability to take responsibility for their own academic and professional futures and inspiring a life-long passion for learning.

We understand the growing importance of technology in today’s world and we ensure that technology plays a central and significant role in the cognitive development of our students, not only as a dynamic teaching and learning resource but also by introducing them to the practicalities of computer programming and working with new technology on a daily basis.