Enrich our program to further strengthen each of our students’ ability to engage and lead in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. We are a community of learners committed to educational excellence. We explored what that means in 2021 and challenged ourselves to think about what it will mean in 2031. Our commitment to creating and supporting compelling opportunities to learn and share as individuals and as members of a community will continue. USA is a center for inspired learning and knowledge sharing for all members of the USA community and will continue to challenge the traditional borders of buildings, time, age, grade, and coursework.

Implementing our bold vision will require leadership and resources. We need to constantly recommit to academic innovation and educational excellence. Yet never has the need been greater to educate students, and develop people, who will be prepared to lead courageously. We will continue to balance academic rigor with support, preparing our students for college and beyond. We know that USA’s unique commitment to integrating the development of social, emotional and ethical skills into our curriculum, Montessori through grade 10, is critical to success in college and in life. Our students learn to know themselves and others, to be compassionate members of their communities, and to create and collaborate. Our goal is to extend and deepen our commitment as we prepare students to live a life of purpose.